Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The missing week 4

I didn’t write about week 4 @ Farnham Maltings because we were doing a lot of pre-Christmas batting around of ideas, a lot of dancing (me, Charlie and Ben) and trying it alongside different texts, and then discussing things whilst standing in the middle of the studio like some kind of new wave corporate ideology group!
It was the first week Jo and Charlie had been working together as director and movement director, and possibly the first time the piece felt tangible and realistically possible to go ahead and create together... So we relaxed in the knowledge it was possible and happening already, but that we had a lot of work to do in a process like this, it was gonna be hard so we might as well enjoy a nice Xmas and face the music in the new year!
Thanks to Gavin, fiona and all @ Farnham Maltings for looking after us. The woodland lodge was quite surreal and very 'woody', and the country pub perfectly cosy and christmassy!

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