Monday, 11 February 2013

Tribute to all my research collaborators

Inspired by yesterday's Bafta's I wanted to thank my research collaborators for all their input, before we step into the next phase of the project.

Jo McInnes

Thanks for helping me remember how sacred my connection with my body is, and for reminding me how much i love that. It took someone without any knowledge of making choreography to come in and approach it almost as a primitive practice, and direct it purely from gut and gut instinct. It is with this positive approach, responsiveness and a lack of cynicism and fear that you created a free world for us to play and enjoy dancing in. 
You will help us find a relationship with text and dialogue that is as connected and honest as the dance and movement, and that will be an exciting and challenging journey/process for us.

You get the thing i'm trying to say with this work. You have passion in abundance, and most of all I trust you!
cheers for that.

Greig Cooke

There was something about those 3 precious days we had right at the beginning that won't go away for me and Jo. It's often that way in the cycle of things creative. But we touched on something that feels like the heart of this piece. something about the ambiguity of the relationship, the equality of our roles, the playfulness, complexity, knowing-ness, familiarity, independence of character, softness, strength of will, freedom and honesty that has stuck. 
It was fun, and i look forward to more fun times. More running and more dancing with you. Thanks Greig.

Ben Webb 

Thanks Ben for your positive and generous nature, the gorgeous swathes of writing you produced for and about us, and in response to what you were seeing and feeling in the studio and out. 
Thanks for running all the way to the marina and back despite your body and mind giving you grief the entire way (I really didn't enjoy the run back that day either). For dancing.  For 'deadly lady', 'unfinished business' and for making 'Do you love me?' the most complicated question ever.

            Ben Duke and Ben Webb running

Ben Duke

                       Ben Duke and Toni by Matthew Andrews

Thanks Ben, you know I think you're brilliant. You certainly surprised me by how angry you are underneath that cool, calm, nice-man exterior! When given a green card, you gave as good as you got, and it pushed us both into challenging territory. Thanks for going there with me, i enjoyed beating you up and being gentle too. It was nice to be a child with you, not so nice being a teenager or a young adult, but really nice to be 90 years old together. 

Brad Birch
                      Brad Birch by Matthew Andrews

When you speak we all want to listen.
Thank you for the 20 page script you produced having written it over your xmas holiday, of which we only covered 2 pages, but it was brilliant and necessary all the same. Thanks for pointing out that when someone expresses a dislike for your jumper, there's probably a lot more to it. Thanks for sharing my dislike of wizards. I would like to meet an 'emollient nun' one day. It's an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Charlie Morrissey

I hope you know how much i appreciate your input into the work. Thanks for arriving on week 3 and getting stuck right in. Not only have i felt supported and inspired by your presence and direction, i also loved you stepping into the piece to dance with me. Thanks for chucking me around and allowing me to be fearless and completely trusting.
You and Jo make a complete team, I knew you would. Thanks for your curiosity, gut instinct and intuition. Let's keep digging together, its very exciting. 
                       Charlie by Matthew andrews

Lee Ross

'Thank you for the music, the song i'm singing, thanks for all the joy they're bringing...bla la la'
Been a joy to have you in the process. When you started playing for us that first day at the Nightingale I remembered how much i was missing a musician in the room. You've been writing some great tunes and lyrics for the piece and I can't wait for you and Scott to get together and have a little music session. 'I'm doing fine' is a mighty fine country tune, and i feel stoked to sing it. Looking forward to making more music with you, and finding different style songs and places for them to sit in the work.

                       Lee Ross by Matthew Andrews

Chris Fogg (producer)

Thank you chris. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all your support in making this happen. I am completely bereft to be loosing you as my producer and yet so pleased we have made a future role for you as mentor of the work. You are amazing inside and outside the studio, and we all loved having you there. You have a ridiculous amount of faith in my ability and vision, and I have so needed that support. Thank you.

Zoe Manders (administrator)

You are amazing, i don't know what i'd do without you! I love that you bumble along with me in the office and then go away and make everything happen all efficiently when i'm gone. Superzoe. 

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