Sunday, 17 February 2013

What might we say?

What might we say?
What do we HAVE to say?

Toni and Greig Cooke by Zoe Manders

...that all ‘men’ are equal
... that we die alone
...that our minds are a constant surprise and an ever changing, growing,  disintegrating web of thoughts, knowledge, fantasy and fiction
...that  things are never as they seem
...that humans can communicate through silence, stillness and touch
...that we repeat and we repeat and we repeat, our mistakes and our habits
...that we forget, and we invent, and we blatantly lie
...that we rub each other up, we collide and fight and harbour grudges and start wars
...that we are all capable of loving and being loving
...that we all get tired, feel empty and find ways to fill up again

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