Thursday, 27 June 2013

Making sweet music together

Day 1 and 2 of Running on Empty
Myself, Greig Cooke and Scott Smith- the 3 performers- begin the process at Scott's home in Shoreham making music togther, and tinkering about with some of the songs we already had from Lee Ross.

Brad Birch is busy writing away (think Nicolas Cage as Kaufman in the film Adaptation) and we are waiting in gentle anticipation to see how the story will unfold, or maybe there will be no solid story, what's ever solid anyway.

We have done the research, we know how this beast will work, and it is a beast. The writing comes next and will inform all the next moves.... this is the exciting bit! 

Well, whilst we're waiting i can go for a run (tick!) and practise the few chords i have learnt on guitar and banjo...


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