Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Beast

"I love the beast. I actually look forward to the beast showing up, because every time he does, I handle him better. I get him more under control."
... on ultra running in the Sahara.
Instead of cringing from fatigue, you embrace it. You refuse to let it go. You get to know it so well, you're not afraid of it anymore. You can't hate the Beast and expect to beat it; the only way to truly conquer something, as every great philosopher and geneticist will tell you, is to love it.

Ummmm, Ok, I'm going to face the beast. I'm not afraid of that cold windy day outside, of the steep wooded hill I have to climb to get up on the hill and run across the top. I'm not afraid of the blustery sea in the distance, calling me in. Just me, a little human, padding alongside the ever present ferocity of nature. Bring it on, and we shall see if I learn to love to beast or not!

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