Monday, 10 December 2012

What writer Brad Birch had to say

An extract from the short play Brad wrote for us to work with:

Two people.

ONE                      Before you start...

                                             TWO                    Before you start.

                                              ONE                      Before you start.
                                                                                You’re wearing that fucking jumper.

                                              TWO                    My jumper.

                                              ONE                      Again.

                                               TWO                    My jumper…

                                               ONE                      Here we go.

                                               TWO                    My jumper was…

                                               ONE                      No.        

                                               TWO                    My jumper was…

                                               ONE                      No.

 TWO                    My jumper was woven
   by the emollient nuns of Avignon.

                                               ONE                      No it wasn’t.

                                               TWO                    Its flaxen body grown in the
                                                                                chalky peat of west India.

                                                ONE                      Nope.

                                                TWO                    Bleached for a year in Cambodian sun.

                                                ONE                      None of it.

                                                TWO                    Touched by Jesus
                                                                                and then Mohammad
                                                                                and then John Lennon.

                                                ONE                      It makes you look like a prick.

'The short play was created in an attempt to discover a relationship between text and movement after watching Toni and Ben improvise over a period of time. What is required of the text and what isn't etc. If the text does the same job as the movement then that can perhaps feel stifled. So this was a stab at trying to work out what textures and contrasts can be found in the space between the mediums while still maintaining a harmony.'

Brad Birch

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